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Beyond the Fog Announcement

2016-09-04 03:02:28 by 9Hammer


It's been a while since I've done anything here and that's because I am currently developing a new series called Beyond the Fog! This series will be a six-part, fast paced, animation series.

Here's the teaser to Beyond the Fog:

These are main characters in the series:


(Characters listed from left to right: Arthur, Sen, Valerie, Ether, Honcho, Abyss)

Voice Actors for each character:

Arthur: P.M. Seymour (https://twitter.com/PatMSeymourVA)

Sen: JelloApocalypse (https://twitter.com/Welcome2Tweet)

Valerie: Kiane Chula King (https://twitter.com/Chulacabra)

Ether: N0sSyndrome (https://twitter.com/N0sSyndrome)

Honcho: Suezo (https://twitter.com/_JasonLord_)

Abyss: Andy Cowley (https://twitter.com/TheDragonHat)


Ryan Pressman (https://hurtscience.newgrounds.com/) from Wirewalker music is creating the soundtrack to the animation series too! A bit of it is in the teaser but the full soundtrack will be released later. Oddboy18 (https://twitter.com/oddboy18) is also creating a track as well.

Additionally, here's a picture of the upload schedule for this series:


I've decided to upload each episode a day earlier for judging purposes (Also because I like newgrounds).

(More information about the animation series will be revealed later when a trailer is made. If all things go smooth the trailer should be out on November 1st!)


Thanks for stopping by!



[Shameless Self Plug] I will be showing WIP's of my animations on my twitter if you are interested (https://twitter.com/9Hammer)


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