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Sweet! The music syncing with the animation was a nice direction to take and kept things intriguing throughout. The animations livened up the simplistic characters as well (though the simplicity wasn't a detractor for the most part). Things felt and looked fluid and, overall, was pretty charming for the visual story that was shown. Good stuff here!

Marvelous work! Loved how visually interesting things were in this with the simple yet highly effective character designs. The animation was pretty lively and dynamic too as it heightened the visual presentation (Especially with the flight sequence). Each of the settings worked very well with the bright and foggy forest and the gloomy flight sequence in the latter half. Additionally, I appreciated how the narrative of the song went along fluidly with the animation. The lyrical content was very fitting for what the animation was conveying. All-in-all, fantastic stuff here, tyokio.

Very interesting! The animation style and art direction (especially the coloring) were very pleasing to look at, and I also found the cryptic nature of the animation's theme to be interesting as well. The polygonal character designs added a nice visual flair to the film as well and the subtle movements of said characters really brought things to life. Definitely appreciated the attention to detail there. Not only that, I find the fisheye-esqe lens view of the film to be an interesting choice of things too. Seemed to effectively center the focus more on the characters and the middle of each scene. Additionally, the musical choices and sound effects here were used in a relatively fitting manner and were mixed well. Very cohesive and stellar film!

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Awesome stuff! Instrumentation is very well mixed and I especially liked how you spiced things up with that 5/4 (or 10/8) segment at 1:47.

CoredxBitch responds:

Thank you, sir!

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I think this would fly on Twitch. If anything, they would crack down on shirtless streamer dudes first.

Wildblur responds:

Yer not wrong tho

Greetings, and welcome to my Newgrounds page! I do art and I'm the Writer, Director, and Animator of Beyond the Fog. Current Project: Beyond the Fog: Episode 2 [Summer 2019].
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