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Greetings, and welcome to my Newgrounds page! I'm a Graphic Designer and 2D Animator! Currently, I'm working on Chaotic Heart, Beyond the Fog, and Solace. Contact E-mail: 9hammeranims@gmail.com

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9Hammer's News

Posted by 9Hammer - December 3rd, 2021


Heya folks! I'm looking for some VAs to fill in some character roles!

I got a lot of things planned for 2022, and one of those things is to have some more folks on board as Voice Actors! If you're interested, consider sending a demo reel + rates to this email: "9hammeranims@gmail.com". I'm looking for a wide range here, so don't be afraid to send a reel if you have one!



Posted by 9Hammer - October 17th, 2021

...of Beyond the Fog.


(Surprised Blue Boy. 2021, colorized.)

I'll be honest, this series was a helluva learning experience, and it really has come a long way. Fun fact, this whole thing was conceptualized right around 2014 via a sticky note in a high school English class and was fully written on a vacation ride to and from Cali around 2016 (and it shows LOL). Suppose all things must come to an end, but nonetheless, the next episode should be making the rounds sometime by the end of November/December!

So much has happened since then, and it made me realize that animation & storytelling is a long-term pursuit! Now, I say this is the last episode and all, but it definitely doesn't mean that this is the end of everything. Chaotic Heart & Solace? Yeah, that's still happening! Planning for 2022 to be the start of a new era in terms of upcoming stories and the like, and I'm honestly looking forward to it! Be on the lookout for an update post (likely a video) about the future of things.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned!



Posted by 9Hammer - September 3rd, 2021



If you need some animation work done, I'm able to help! I've set some time aside after getting a sizeable amount of work done for Beyond the Fog, Chaotic Heart, & Solace, and I'm eager to help/work on one of your projects!

(More information as to what I can do is in the doc.)

Email: 9hammeranims@gmail.com

Info doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/105Aa2eP6E_-Rz_-Szb8bYJaVW5oq906V5a_93WxyI1M/edit?usp=sharing




Posted by 9Hammer - August 1st, 2021

Season 2, baby.


Nah, but seriously. Beyond the Fog was on hiatus for a while now, and I think it's time to bring it back! Episode 5 is almost done and should be making the rounds soon. Want to bring this back in full force!

(Additionally, Episode 6 + 7 are fully storyboarded and being worked on as well.)

That's all. Hope to see you soon!



Posted by 9Hammer - May 23rd, 2021


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I've been laser-focused on getting the next two episodes (4 & 5) of Chaotic Heart done and ready. The latter might take a month or two more, but the 4th episode should be arriving this Friday!


(Screenshot of Episode 4)

Familiar faces will make the rounds again, and I hope this one will be worth the wait! Episode 5 of Chaotic Heart will sort of being a companion piece to this one, and it's gonna be quite the animated task. Hoping to get it out by the end of this Summer (likely July)!


(Progress shot of Episode 5. Amber seems to have a lot of screen time, lol.)

In other news, secondly, Beyond the Fog is still being worked on! Had to take a little time to fully realize the scope of what I was working with, and I feel more comfortable continuing the story. The beginning of its 2nd season should start sometime this summer as well if all things go smoothly. Looking to release Episode 5 by June/July!


(Progress shot of Episode 5)

Thirdly, A little installment of Solace is being worked on as well in conjunction with BtF. It's an experiment using a different method of storytelling, but nonetheless exciting! Hex is finally moving, and he has a friend apparently! This one should also be done by July as well.


(Progress shot of Episode 1)

For now, that's it!** I also took some time to relax after animating, and it's helped with developing newer stories for the foreseeable future. Most of the ideas have some fleshed-out stories with some accompanying images, but it won't be something I'll touch until I get my current stuff done. For the time being though, I'll continue to do my best to get these projects done the best I can, and I hope to keep you guys interested! (Critique's always welcome.)


** ...ok maybe I have an origin story in the works. 2022.




Posted by 9Hammer - February 5th, 2021

Hello Hello!


Hope you're all doing well. First and foremost, I'm super grateful for the FP on Chaotic Heart's newest installment! Was definitely a learning experience working with a 9-minute narrative, but I plan on keeping this momentum going for the near future. Speaking of which...


Episode 4: Strike the Core!!

Release Date: [May?]

Yep, we got another one coming! Can't say too much on the story narrative here, but just know that there's quite a bit of action planned for this one, and a similar length to the one recently released. At the moment, I'll be making an effort to focus more on animation since a little bit of time opened up, but we'll see how it goes. So far, I feel that things are going very swiftly! Hopefully, it stays that way, lol.


(I'm also attempting to work up some little, early-access story bits for patrons as well, but the dates for those are TBA as well. Nonetheless, I'll be posting some behind-the-scenes stuff there when I can!)



Episode 5: [Title TBA]

Release Date: 2021 Q3


It's coming back! Been about a hal-a-year, but I'm working on a new episode here whenever I can! A bit spoiler-y if I were to show off a bit more of it, but the plan here is to have a new episode sometime later down the road. Season 2 for this series marks the half-way point for the original script for this, but if folks would like to see this series continue past these next several episodes, I'm willing to make an effort to do so.


Felt like the first season was quite the rollercoaster in terms of style, so I hope in this season, the style is a bit more refined for the characters!


That's all I got for now! A little update, but I really do appreciate the folks that have recently tagged along and the ones that have been here for some time. For the near future, I hope to continue creating new, refreshing stories for who knows how long. Hoping for the best!




Posted by 9Hammer - January 9th, 2021


Yo yo!

Hope you folks are doing well! Super happy with people enjoying the recent installment of Chaotic Heart, and I hope to continue with it further this year. Was kind of a big one to animate and produce, but I definitely learned a lot from it! What's to come with this series in the future?


There's a lot more coming for this series, and I'm hoping to release things in a more timely manner than before. The next episode (Chaotic Heart: Loose Ends) is, well, actually scheduled to be released later this month, January 29th! I had this actually in production for a few months prior whilst working on side projects to test my multitasking. Kinda wanted to see how working with a new animation routine would work out, and I feel that it's working pretty well.

There's quite a bit in store in this one in particular. This 4th installment might just be my longest animated episode to date and all of the characters in this series are gonna make an appearance in this one with a lot of new faces as well (the VAs here did an amazing job with their roles)! Hoping for the best with it when the time comes!


(Oh, and Beyond the Fog's coming back soon-ish.)




Posted by 9Hammer - November 24th, 2020

Hi folks!


I apologize for the recent inactivity, but I've been working scripting, storyboarding, and animating new episodes for Chaotic Heart. It honestly feels like I'm working on this series on a somewhat full-time basis, hah. Currently, I'm working on animating some future episodes past Episode 3: Loose Ends, and I hope to have this series on a better posting schedule. Its looking good at the moment, and it might actually feel like a series this time instead of episodes that are too far spread out.

Hope to kick things into high gear by January 2021! Hopefully, lol.

( Also, thank you to the patrons SidewalkSavanna & Vamperoni! https://www.patreon.com/9Hammer )




Posted by 9Hammer - October 5th, 2020

Heya. It's been some time since my last update.


Lost of things happening with projects (and life) recently, and it's been rough, honestly, though I make sure to keep my head up for the future. Relating to animated projects as a whole, it's going pretty swiftly, but I'm starting to think that I may be biting off more than I can chew. Not sure how/why I decided to take up 4 animated projects projects at once, but here I am, hah. It's gotta get done somehow, as long as I'm not stressing myself out too much! Regardless of the amount of work, I hope to continue with story narratives and side projects.

In other news I figure I get some updates to you folks on Chaotic Heart!



Upcoming Episode: Episode 3 - Loose Ends

Release Date: TBA

After a bit of time recollecting on my animation style, and critiques on the recent episode of Chaotic Heart (thanks a bunch), I feel like a step towards a more "sakuga"-ish style would be best. It is roughly 1.5 times the work in comparison to before, however I've started to find ways to not take shortcuts and "actually" animate for a change, lol. Kind of what I did in Episode 1! Still working on the keyframes and cel animations, though this project has been my main focus as of late. I feel that writing wise, it will be a bit more enjoyable (and bearable), hopefully. Lots of new faces + VAs are going to make an appearance!


Also, I've been starting to reveal the VA's recently for the project! (Starting with Sophia)


If all things go smoothly, I'm expecting it to be one of the longest animated episodes I'll make to date. I don't expect it to take a long time to finish, but I have to make sure I don't burn out as a result. Stuff like this could cause that, but I feel confident about time management.


Welp, that's essentially it for now! Don't worry, I'm gradually working on both Beyond the Fog and Solace, and I'll likely get to updating them soon-ish. Honestly, I'm surprised that I even got to this point with these animated projects. My sort of goal for the long term is to create a lot of varied stories for who knows how long. Anyways, enough of this bi-guy talking about nonsense, lol. I'll get back to getting this episode done!


Have a good one guys!




Posted by 9Hammer - July 22nd, 2020

Hope you guys are doing well. Currently finalizing things with Beyond the Fog: Episode 4 in terms of keys/cels, and I hope to have it out on August 21st!


Hopefully, things will go smoothly in terms of post-production and mixing so this episode can get out on time. If you stuck out for this long, I deeply appreciate your patience, and am sorry for the wait. As this will sort of be a "season end" for Beyond the Fog, that doesn't mean I'm done with it's story. I hope to create something big in the future...


A 30-minute film. Eventually.

(Also, working on getting the next episode of Chaotic Heart out sometime in late Fall/Winter! Complete with voice acting! Nonetheless, thanks for reading this brief update, lol)