Oh right, Newgrounds

2017-07-11 12:20:22 by 9Hammer

I should use this platform more often...

Beyond the Fog Announcement

2016-09-04 03:02:28 by 9Hammer


It's been a while since I've done anything here and that's because I am currently developing a new series called Beyond the Fog! This series will be a six-part, fast paced, animation series.

Here's the teaser to Beyond the Fog:

These are main characters in the series:


(Characters listed from left to right: Arthur, Sen, Valerie, Ether, Honcho, Abyss)

Voice Actors for each character:

Arthur: P.M. Seymour (https://twitter.com/PatMSeymourVA)

Sen: JelloApocalypse (https://twitter.com/Welcome2Tweet)

Valerie: Kiane Chula King (https://twitter.com/Chulacabra)

Ether: N0sSyndrome (https://twitter.com/N0sSyndrome)

Honcho: Suezo (https://twitter.com/_JasonLord_)

Abyss: Andy Cowley (https://twitter.com/TheDragonHat)


Ryan Pressman (https://hurtscience.newgrounds.com/) from Wirewalker music is creating the soundtrack to the animation series too! A bit of it is in the teaser but the full soundtrack will be released later. Oddboy18 (https://twitter.com/oddboy18) is also creating a track as well.

Additionally, here's a picture of the upload schedule for this series:


I've decided to upload each episode a day earlier for judging purposes (Also because I like newgrounds).

(More information about the animation series will be revealed later when a trailer is made. If all things go smooth the trailer should be out on November 1st!)


Thanks for stopping by!



[Shameless Self Plug] I will be showing WIP's of my animations on my twitter if you are interested (https://twitter.com/9Hammer)

Back on NG

2015-06-20 01:27:20 by 9Hammer

Probably be uploading some more things. Not sure when but hopefully it's soon.

Can't upload an animation for some reason

2012-12-22 23:28:57 by 9Hammer

I REALLY want to uplad one of my animations right now; whenever I try to submit it, I can't preview it. Somehow it works when I send it to the "Dumping Grounds".

SA2 - I'm the Coolest (Preview)

2012-12-07 00:38:20 by 9Hammer

So one day (About three days ago), I thought about the quote shadow said when sonic and shadow first fight each other in the forest stage. When shadow quoted, "Hmm. I'm the coolest" when you hit him, my reaction was "Why shadow? Why?"

I'm still in the progress of creating it and should be done by next week. Its a lot better than "Muffin and Banana".

SA2 - I'm the Coolest (Preview)


2012-12-03 00:35:09 by 9Hammer

I'm on newgrounds. Let's explore these... grounds... which are new.